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Leaders in Neurofeedback

Our training approach models that of leading medical schools, to support our unique multiple modality approach to Biofeedback and Applied Neuroscience and our multi-disciplinary culture. Our experience at the highest levels of private and public healthcare means we lead the field in integrating Neurofeedback with your overall healthcare experience. 

Comprehensive & unique training

We use the medical school model to ensure that our practitioners are the right people with the right skills.There is a good reason why medical doctors don’t go directly from the classroom to their own clinic.

Technical classroom training on the technology is an essential part of the process and consists of courses in both the UK and abroad, using external and in-house training. Training to use neurofeedback hardware and software is essential but for our best-in-class practitioners this is a small part of their skillset. 

Even more important are clinical methodology and practical training and the essential skills that make an effective and trustworthy clinician, through shadowing, case studies, operational and client relationship training, and ongoing support from the UK’s leading practice. 

Direct support

At BrainTrainUK, not only do we have our own internal support from the UK’s most experienced and only multi-disciplinary Neurofeedback practice, we also have direct support from the world’s leaders in the field.  From clinical, scientific, engineering and research disciplines. Our support network includes Susan Othmer, described by the Biofeedback Federation of Europe as ‘the world’s most respected clinician’, Dr. Siegfried Othmer, Dr. Bernhard Wandernoth and Dr. David A Kaiser.


We view Neurofeedback as an important part of medicine that the medical community are still learning about. We complement and augment conventional medicine, spend a lot of time collaborating with the existing healthcare system, we are members of the Royal Society of Medicine and we have strong relationships with world-leading Researchers, General Practitioners and Specialist Consultants.

The Neurofeedback Practice you can Trust

We have worked hard to earn our reputation as ‘The Neurofeedback Practice you can Trust’. You can trust us to:

  • Talk straight and answer your questions.
  • Give you an honest, fact-based explanation of how our approach compares to others. 
  • Be at the leading edge of Neurofeedback practice and technology.
  • Put your interests first.

We receive hundreds of hits on the website every month from around the World. We pride ourselves on our personal, responsive service and 98% of inquiries receive a response the same day, 7 days a week.

Try us out – to book your initial consultation, or simply to have a chat with one of our friendly experts, please call BrainTrainUK today on 0207 118 0887.

Confidence in BrainTrainUK

Why choose BrainTrainUK?

Firstly, we care very much for every single client and family that we have the pleasure of helping. We know a physical and mental condition can have a devastating affect on someones life and their family as a whole, so we’re very proud of the role we play in helping you.

We measure – We systematically track symptoms to accurately measure progress during treatment. It means you can see the improvements each week and motivation is enhanced by positive change.

Get the personal touchWe provide you with one-to-one contact with our expert clinicians. In other words, you’re not just a number to us. We treat all our patients as individuals and take the time to listen to your unique circumstances.

Customised treatment – Our BrainTrainUK training programme is customisable to suit your needs. From the schedule of sessions to fit with your busy schedules to a treatment plan designed to maximise success rates, you can be sure we’re focused on you.

Latest technology and thinking – We follow the latest research in Neurofeedback and brain training techniques. Using the latest equipment, with a culture of continuous learning, training and development, our engagement across the world of Neurofeedback, we ensure we’re at the forefront of the field globally, so you can be confident we lead the UK.

You or your loved one will be safe – With no medication, invasive procedures or surgery of any kind, you can be sure our treatment is completely risk-free. In fact, in decades of Neurofeedback brain training research and application there has never been a single case of harm recorded (something that can’t be said for medications that are prescribed for many conditions).

Transparent pricing – With our easy, upfront and no hassle pricing structure, you will know exactly what your treatment will cost from day one. There will be no hidden costs and no surprises, just effective treatment for you.

To book your initial consultation, or simply to have a chat with one of our friendly experts, please call BrainTrainUK today on 0207 118 0887.

Who chooses BrainTrainUK?

Every is Welcome at BrainTrainUK

No matter what kind of symptoms or condition you or your loved one experiences, everyone is welcome at BrainTrainUK and can come to us directly for treatment (only with your permission do we inform your GP of your treatment programme). Therapists, GPs or specialist registered medical practitioners (consultants) also refer clients to us for treatment.

We also provide services to maximise performance for serious amateur and professional sports men and women and business executives. In other words, any individuals wishing to maximise their potential with peak brain performance.

We always give you an unbiased opinion on whether we can help you and offer an initial consultation by phone or in person to discuss your treatment possibilities at BrainTrainUK.

Please call us today on 0207 118 0887 to book your initial meeting.


Meet the team

We are uncompromising in our selection of potential practitioners and have strict entry criteria. A Masters degree in a related subject is a prerequisite, unless you have many years of highly-relevant clinical experience (e.g. Nurse Practitioner). To work at BrainTrainUK practitioners must demonstrate a proven ability to work within a client-practitioner relationship and be able to cope with the challenges presented to those relationships within the field of mental health.

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Our Values

Our values guide our direction and action:

Make a Difference – to be not just ‘The best in the World’ but ‘The best for the World’.

Service – to serve our clients and communities to make a difference.

Trust – to engender trust throughout our organisation, our client base and our communities.

Leadership – to set and deliver the agenda to establish Neurofeedback as a mainstream approach in the UK.

Independence – to be ‘21st Century Galileos’ and challenge conventional thinking.

Respect – to respect all approaches, evidence and individuals.



Our standards of service

Although Neurofeedback is too new in the UK to be a regulated healthcare profession, and Neurofeedback is too new to be a regulated service, we have set standards to which we hold ourselves – our staff and practitioners – accountable. These Standards are broadly based on the principals of the standards adopted by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for care services and the Health and Care Professions Councils (HCPC) for health professionals. Although not all parts of the CQC and HCPC standards are relevant, we have adopted standards for the following areas for our services:

  • Respecting and involving people who use services
  • Consent to care and treatment
  • Care and welfare of people who use services
  • Cooperating with other providers
  • Safeguarding people who use services from abuse
  • Cleanliness and infection control
  • Safety and suitability of premises
  • Safety, availability and suitability of equipment
  • Requirements relating to workers
  • Staffing
  • Supporting workers

  • Assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision
  • Complaints
  • Records
  • Fees
  • Financial position
  • Character
  • Health
  • Standards of conduct, performance and ethics
  • Standards of proficiency
  • Standards of education and training
  • Standards of continuing professional development

ANY QUESTIONS? 0207 118 0887

If you have any questions about the experience or clinical standards of our staff and practitioners, please pick up the phone. Our service is 100% open and transparent and we’d be happy to speak with you.