How Does Neurofeedback Work ?

In this video, Charlotte Keizer explains how neurofeedback works, how the brain activity information is captured, analysed and fed back, like a ‘mirror for the brain’.

With Neurofeedback we focus on several areas of the brain to improve brain regulation and teach the brain ‘how to work better’.  We will first focus on the specific symptoms you experience, since they will tell us something about what kind of deregulation exist and in which areas of the brain this deregulation occurs.

By placing electrodes on your head in these specific areas we measure the brain’s activity, so called ‘EEG activity’. The computer software will recognise if this activity is in the right state and will give you and your brain feedback how the activity is doing. This happens by converting this activity into video, audio or tactical senses. It’s like holding a mirror in front of your brain.

When your brain activity is in the right state, you will for example during a computer game see that a car goes faster, images getting bigger and you will hear music going louder. When the activity isn’t in the right state the car will go slower, images will get smaller and music will go softer. And your brain doesn’t like that, upon which the brain will correct itself. And the funny part is, you can’t control this, it the brain’s self-regulating capacity that does the work !

By training this self-regulating capacity regularly, the brain will be able to adjust itself faster and better in response to the different circumstances you encounter in daily life, no longer needing the computer software.


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