• Advanced QEEG Brain Mapping Launches in Europe - Advanced QEEG Brain Mapping (AQBM) Launched Today we are launching our Advanced QEEG Brain Mapping service. We have been working on this for almost 12 months, and until now have only been offering this to select existing clients.  It’s more expensive than competing services, this reflects the amount of information and analysis the service provides. […]
  • Read this before buying Christian Jarrett’s Great Myth of the Brain - Jarrett creates his own Great Brain Myth Plus: ‘10% of our brains’ answer that eluded mythbuster Jarrett The first thing a curious person does when they hear about Neurofeedback for the first time is Google it, and on page 1 up comes an article by Christian Jarrett from February 2013 titled ‘Read this before paying […]
  • Time Magazine Reports on Neurofeedback for Alzheimer’s - August 22 2016 Today’s Time Magazine ran an interesting article about a Neurologist in Virginia who runs an Alzheimer’s ‘bootcamp’ including neurofeedback. The results were also reported in The Journal of Prevention of Alzhiemer’s Disease and are summarised in the graph below:    
  • What Do You Think About NICE’s Recommendation For ‘No Change’ To ASD Guidelines ? - This is what we think … 24 May 2016 Today is the deadline for comments on the draft decision NOT to change the NICE Clinical Guidelines for ASD for Adults. Next Tuesday 1st June is the deadline for comments on the recommendation NOT to change the  Guidelines for Children. We think this misses an opportunity […]
  • Wandsworth Autism Fayre – Thanks For Coming ! - Thanks to all who visited our stand from Stuart and Agnieszka – we had many requests for information so we have created this page so you can download exactly what you want. Feel free to share with others, and don’t hesitate to call us on 0208 978 0186 if you have any questions or would […]
  • ADHD 2.0 Myths Explained - ADHD 2.0 – What is it ? Interesting article published recently by ADDITUDE, written by Dr Thomas Brown about the ‘new’ model of understanding ADHD as a developmental impairment of the brain’s self management system rather than just the diagnosis a collection of behaviours, helps to explain why Neurofeedback can be such an effective tool, […]
  • Neuroscience in the Boardroom: - Article by Stuart Black of BrainTrainUK on Neuroscience in the Boardroom.
  • Neurofeedback Information Sessions in Battersea - Free Neurofeedback Information Sessions At BrainTrainUK, Penhurst House, 352-256 Battersea Park Road, London SW11 3BY. Come and meet Agnieskza Sosnecka-Rumianowska, our Cognitive Neursocientist and Neurofeedback Practitioner to discover what Neurofeedback is all about and how it can help to improve nervous system regulation and address many symptoms, including those of ASD and ADHD. With NICE […]
  • What’s the difference between the ‘Brain Training’ offered by Lumosity and BrainTrainUK ? - Why all ‘brain training’ is not the same Lumosity, an online ‘brain-training’ service that provides brain ‘games’ intended to improve brain function,  hit the news a few weeks ago as they have agreed to pay $2m with a threat of $50m as part of a settlement following allegations of  ‘the deceptive marketing of a brain-training […]
  • Can you Trust Consumer Biofeedback Devices ? - How Well Are Consumer BioFeedback Devices Engineered ? Last week it was reported that FitBit are being sued by customers who claim that their heart rate monitors are inaccurate to the point of being dangerous. The examples given are people who have been trying to keep their heart rate within a certain maximum using the […]
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